Nicole has successfully maintained a freelance career for more than 25 years established in both Los Angeles and Hawaii. Her work experience embraces a wide spectrum of the entertainment industry, which includes commercials, films, television, music videos and live-performance projects.

In her approach, Nicole understands that production knowledge goes hand-in-hand with maintaining invaluable relationships with colleagues and vendors. Her “team” mindset reaches for an elevated set-synergy, which she feels is instrumental in supporting any type of production and achieving its goals.

When managing the details, Nicole utilizes a skill-set comprised of a long-standing history of experience, a wide-range of knowledge, considerable resources and professional communication. Her proficiency along with her capability to organize and multi-task bring forth a commodity she strives to provide on each project for every team member. Nicole offers a simply commodity of “Production Peace of Mind” ~ with a touch of Aloha, of course.

2Hearts Film with Jacob Elordi
Feature Film with Jacob Elordi

Release Date - September 2020
Production Supervisor - Hawaii

Honda Commercial
HONDA Passport
"Baudette" Commercial

Production Supervisor

Pam Commercial
"Swedish Chef" Commercial

Production Supervisor

Eagles Concert Film
"Eagles Live From The Forum MMXVIII" Concert Film

Release Date - October 2020
Production Supervisor

Samsung Commercial
"My Life" Commercial

Production Supervisor

SBS Super Concert TV Special

TV Special
US Producer / Production Supervisor

Honda Commercial
HONDA Ridgeline
"AWD" Commercial

Production Supervisor

Katy Perry Concert Documentary
Film, Concert Documentary

Production Supervisor — concert footage only

Picture Bride Film
Film Directed by Kayo Hatta

Sundance Film Festival, Audience Award
2nd Assistant Director

McDonalds Commercial
"Envelope" Commercial

Production Supervisor

NIKE Commercial with Kobe Bryant
NIKE Commercial
with Kobe Bryant

Production Coordinator

Kohls Commercial with Jennifer Lopez
KOHLS Commercial
with Jennifer Lopez

Production Coordinator

Baywatch Hawaii TV Series
TV Series

Assistant Location Manager
44 episodes

One West Waikiki TV Series
TV Series
with Richard Burgi, Cheryl Ladd

Assistant Location Manager
19 episodes


Nicole has worked with many reputable production companies, including Radical Media, AEG Live, RSA, Anonymous Content, Duncan Films, Serial Pictures, Black Hand Cinema, Moxie Pictures, Assembly, Enliven Entertainment, The Corner Shop, MJZ, Believe Media, Supply & Demand, Steam Productions, Happy Madison Productions, French Butter, PJM Productions, Native Content and Malpaso Productions.


Nicole has worked on productions with distinguished film and commercial Directors, including Tarsem, David Kellogg, Michael Bay, Bill Condon, Todd Haynes, Robert Rodrigues, Ben Gregor, Tom Dey, Dante Ariola, Wayne Isham, Tony Kaye, Juergen Bollmeyer, Matthew Ralston, Kayo Hatta, Lance Hool, Fred Callinggard, David Mallett, Henry Lu, Brett Sullivan, Ken Arlidge, Francis Lawrence, Jim Sheridan, Scott Duncan, Stewart Hendler, Brett Froomer, Paul Cox and Clint Eastwood.


Nicole has worked on ventures with numerous global brands and clientele, including Disney, American Express, Titleist, SBS TV Network Korea, Nike, Samsung, Pepsi, Verizon, Chevy, Wendy’s, Dodge, Master Card, Oscar Mayer, Bally Fitness, Honda, Papa Johns, UPS, Volkswagen, Jell-O, Microsoft, Boeing, Wal-Mart, Toyota, Martini, Wynn Resorts, PBS Public Broadcasting Service, U.S. Army, Hewlett Packard, Discovery Channel, W-Magazine Korea, Anheuser-Busch, Victoria Secret, Best Buy, Target, Heineken, Taco Bell, Bridgestone, Universal Studios, NBC Sports, United Airlines, X-Box and McDonald’s.


Nicole has worked on projects featuring renowned groups and celebrities, including Kobe Bryant, Usher, Green Day, Song Joong-Ki, Running Man Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Youki Kudoh, Henry Kapono, Kris Kristofferson, Akira Takayama, Serena Williams, Howie Long, Jennifer Lopez, Black-Eyed Peas, Cary Tagawa, Tamlyn Tomita, Toshiro Mifune, Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, Christina Aguilera, Sam Neil, Peter O’Toole, Alice Krige, Aden Young, Tom Wilkinson, Leo McKern, Lauren Bacall, Marlene Sai, John Cleese, Robert Wagner, Jason Mamoa, David Hasselhoff, Jason Brooks, Cheryl Ladd, Richard Burgi, David Allen-Grier, Girl’s Generation, Mary J. Blige, CN Blue, Jacob Elordi, 2NE1, Beast, Stephen Chow, Kara, Sistar, Justin Timberlake, Ernie Sabella, Dave Wenham, Sir Derek Jacobi, Lance Armstrong, Adam Sandler, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, the Jonas Brothers and the Eagles.

About “Aloha” Nicole

About Nicole About Nicole About Nicole About Nicole About Nicole About Nicole About Nicole About Nicole

Nicole grew up as a military-brat living abroad with limited access to American television. After returning to the States she became captivated by the plethora of television programs, which led to her interest in production. With the guidance of her parents, she began working as a PA at the NBC affiliate in Hawaii all through high school and worked in various positions at Hawaii Public Television while in college. For ten years she maintained a freelance career solely in Hawaii and later moved to Los Angeles to broaden her freelance opportunities.

Because Nicole had a well-established career in the small-industry pond of Hawaii and then joined the greater-industry pool of Los Angeles, her experience was unique. This particular production journey allowed for opportunities to work on different media formats and in various crew positions, which enabled her to acquire diverse production perspectives.

Her production history includes working on local, national and international commercials; documentaries and docu-dramas; television series, specials, and movies; feature and independent films; music videos, concerts, live-broadcasts and live-performance stage shows. And through this particular history she’s held positions as a Studio Camera Op, Studio Switcher, Teleprompter Operator, Casting Assistant, Production Coordinator, Travel Coordinator, Location Manager, 2nd AD, 1st AD, Production Manager, Line Producer, Associate Producer and Production Consultant. These acquired perspectives enable her to better understand and anticipate the needs of her colleagues, as she grows in this industry.

Nicole is a graduate of the prestigious Kamehameha Schools and holds a BA in Journalism, specializing in Public Relations, from the University of Hawaii. She enjoys living in Los Angeles and holds dear that Hawaii is her home. She embraces her Hawaiian and Asian cultures and lives with the understanding that the “Aloha Spirit” is not only alive in the islands, but it’s a treasure from within, which you bring and share wherever you go.

Colleague Recommendations


Brett Froomer Director at French Butter

"Nicole’s calm nature comes from her wealth of experience. She’s smart, intuitive and has truly amazing resources. As a director, you can see the value of your producer by the crew members they surround themselves with. Nicole’s crew love and respect her which says it all. Nicole is my first call, that really says it all."


Tracie Mochizuki Staff Producer at Radical Media

"Nicole is hard working, professional and experienced. Even in chaotic situations, she keeps her cool and is fair, compassionate and kind to agency/client, crew and vendors."

Paul Morphos

Paul Morphos Producer at PJM Productions

"Nicole is just flat out the best production person I’ve ever worked with.
If you want to look good to your client, hire her!"


Kim Shapiro Producer

"I’ve worked with Nicole for a long time. She can handle projects of any size – big, logistically complex jobs as well as smaller productions with tight budgets. I value the commitment she brings to every project. She has great relationships with crew and vendors, is a strong negotiator, and stays on top of details. I love the attitude she shows up with every day; she’s a pleasure to work with!"


Christopher Ruiz Producer

"Nicole is one of the most reliable people I have had the pleasure to work with in my 20 years in the industry. Her extensive knowledge, thoroughness to the Nth degree, respect for the crew and her aloha spirit make her an invaluable part of any production."


Renee Confair Production Manager / Supervisor

"BULLETPROOF – You can trust that Nicole will have everything setup and organized. She is amazing! "


Bob Miyamoto Key Grip / IATSE Local 80 - Retired

"Having worked 35 years on TV, feature films and commercials, one of the most important elements for me is working with experienced people, who listen to the needs of various departments and make decisions based on their input. It’s not easy to make it happen when budgets do not support expectations. Nicole has always been able to make decisions based on what is best for production after digesting all the info. I always looked forward to working with her and her crew."


Ambar B. CapoorCamera Operator, Local 600

"Nicole brings an extremely strong production ethic to any set. Her experience combined with her personal relationships with vendors across the nation always ensure that Production has the best equipment and at the best rate possible. She is extremely personable and runs a very tight ship. Every job I have done with her (over 20) has been an absolute pleasure with no mishaps whatsoever."

Russell Prior

Russell Prior Camera Operator, Local 600

"I couldn’t imagine shooting without her."

Faith Brewer

Faith Brewer 1st AC, Local 600

"I have worked with Nicole on both the (US) mainland and in Hawaii. She is approachable, easy to communicate with and always gives her complete focus and attention in helping you and the project succeed. She is a true professional and her network of crew in both locations is fantastic!"

J Carmone

J. Carmone Art Director

"Nicole’s efficiency is ostentatious. She’s... like what FedEx is to the Pony Express."

Linda Medvine

Linda Medvene Costume Designer

"To be able to work with Nicole is the most special experience! I become so spoiled from Nicole’s presence, talent, and expertise as she is like no one else I’ve ever worked with. I know that I have to worry about nothing as Nicole has thought of everything and made my life so easy. She cares about everyone and leaves no leaf unturned. I am so spoiled when I am on her sets and so sad when the job is over. You will be the luckiest person if you are able to work with her."

Stella Tzanidakis

Stella Tzanidakis Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

"I have been working as a makeup artist / hairstylist in the film business for over 20 years and I can honestly say, Nicole has been one of the most knowledgeable & reliable people in production. Not only does she understand the demands of both sides (art & business) of any project, but she also has the organizational and managerial skills that’s required. When it comes down to my department, I admire her direct communication during prep as well as providing the right set up to do my job efficiently during the shoot days. A pleasure to work with. "

Curt Butrum

Curt Butrum Head of Transporation Dept.

"I have had the privilege of working with Nicole for the last 15 years. Nicole’s reputation as a strong, organized team leader is well deserved. Being adept at all aspects of communications makes Nicole a valuable asset and contributor in any situation. If you need a no-nonsense manager to get the job done on time and under budget, look no further than Ms. Nicole Ebeo. I would personally recommend Nicole to help any production, anytime, anywhere."

Noah Ford

Noah Vincent Ford Gang Boss

"Nicole’s production level... On the Money! Never misses a beat."

Douglas Birdsell

Doug Birdsell VTR

"Nicole understands the needs of each department. Any production company would be lucky to have Nicole running the show. She treats her crew like family. It has been my honor to work for Nicole for over 15 years. She is always prepared. As a production manager, Nicole earns my highest recommendation. I could probably think of 100 more reasons to recommend her – Nicole f&#%@^ rocks!"

Chris Howard

Chris Howard Production Manager

"Nicole is well organized, proactive, engaged and thoughtful. A seasoned, flexible PM."

Nick Lorenzen

Nick Lorenzen Production Manager, BlazeCol Productions LLC

"Nicole is and always has been a superior Production Manager / Production Supervisor. She has always been one of the most knowledgeable and fair PMs who I, and crews, have had the pelasure to work with and for. Her ability to manage budgets, crews, vendors and production companies has been superb. You will not find a better Production Manager in my humble opinion."

Jade Flader

Jade Flader Production Coordinator

"Nicole’s overall production knowledge is impeccable. It is very admirable to see someone who cares so deeply about the people around her, especially her team."

RJ Velasco

RJ Velasco Freelance Production Coordinator

"Nicole is a seasoned production vet who knows the ins and outs of production, and has connections to every vendor imaginable. She’s very precise and pays attention to every single detail to her approach, but her most valuable asset is her passion and care for not only her work but for her team. She loves to teach those willing to learn and has her team’s back 100% no matter what."


Nicole K.L.N. Ebeo
#(323) 362-6430

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